Vended Washers

ExpressWash High-Speed Washer-Extractors

20- to 90-pound capacities

Designed to drive down gas, water, and electrical costs while improving the user’s experience, Continental ExpressWash Washers deliver high-speed extract, and easy to install soft-mount design, unmatched durability and superior programmability. The freestanding design enables these machines to reach extract speeds of up to 380 G-force-reducing the gas consumed to dry a load by 65 percent. And, unlike other commercial washers that must be bolted to concrete foundations, the freestanding design of E-Series Washers allows them to be easily installed and moved at any time. The highly programmable ExpressWash Coin Control offers four individually modifiable programs that allow store owners to customize extract speed, mechanical action, wash temperature, water levels by cycle and wash or rinse time by minutes.

G-Flex High-Performance Hard-Mount Washer-Extractors

40-, 55- and 70-pound capacities

G-Flex Washers are among the industry’s most advanced hard-mount washers. They offer six programmable extract speeds, including 100, 140 and 200 G-force. This offers vended laundries the ability to adjust extract speed to allow for installations over less than desirable foundations. When programmed for 200 G-force extract speeds, G-Flex Washers remove more water from each load, which reduces dry times, lowers utility usage and boosts customer turnover. Featuring the advanced ProfitPlus® Control, G-Flex Washers feature four primary cycle options: SUPERWASH, an extra-long cycle for heavy soil; HOT, for whites; WARM for colorfast and permanent press items; and COLD for colors. Customers may also add an EXTRA WASH, EXTRA RINSE and/or DELICATE CYCLE. These “extras” generate additional revenue for elevated profits! Backed by a limited 10/4/3-year ContinentalCare™ Warranty, G-Flex Washers are engineered for heavy-duty use and longevity.

REM-Series High-Performance Hard-Mount Washer-Extractors

25-pound capacity

The Continental 25-pound capacity REM-Series Washer-Extractor delivers a high-performance small-load solution for vended laundries looking to boost profits and customer turnover while using less energy, water, and natural gas. Delivering greater efficiency and G-force extract speeds than most similarly sized hard-mount washers, the 25-pound capacity REM-Series Washer (REM025) offers a highly programmable ProfitPlus™ Control packed with customer-craved extras! Compact and durable, the REM025 outperforms traditional top-load washers.


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L-Series Hard-Mount Washer-Extractors

75- and 125-pound capacities

Hard-Mount Washer ExtractorsThese durable, proven washer-extractors bring energy efficiency, ease-of-use, and programmability to card and coin-operated laundries. Designed to withstand the rigors of constant use, Continental hard-mount washer-extractors feature corrosion-resistant AISI-304 stainless steel inner and outer drums and front, side and top panels. The advanced drive system offers optimum wash performance and heightened energy efficiency. No energy is wasted during start-up or operation. Standard with a digital-coin drop, hard-mount washers are also available debit-card ready and offer easy-to-use programmable controls.

LG Platinum Front-Load Washer

22-pound capacity

Energy Star qualified, LG Platinum Washers provide a small-load commercial solution for vended and guest laundries. Engineered for effective, efficient and quiet operation, LG Washers use less than 14 gallons of water per load and harness auto-balancing and inverter-drive systems for reliable, smooth operation. The LG Washer control allows programming of vend price, cycle time, cycle parameter and spin speed, while the NeverRust™ Stainless Wash Tub delivers durability for years of continued use. Simple to use, LG Washers offer a modern, clean look. Stack washer/dryer models available.

Econ-O-Wash Top- Load Washer

Single-load capacity

Ideal for small load applications, the Econ-O-Wash top-load washer provides affordable efficiency. Unlike most home-style top-load washers, which guzzle around 30-40 gallons

of water per load, the Econ-O-Wash is engineered with a water saving feature that uses just 23.7 gallons per load. It features a durable porcelain enamel washtub, a scratch-resistant, hard-baked porcelain enamel top and lid, a heavy-duty, two-speed motor, and a corrosion-resistant polypropylene pump-all wrapped up in a rugged galvanized steel cabinet.